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Getting in touch with Gustamps

Contacting Gustamps is easy. Gustamps, as many people know, are an old established firm of stamp dealers, dealing in stamps since 1971. Gustamps do not have an email, but Gustamps can be reached easily the old fashioned way by telephone. If you ever visit Brighton and look into Gustamps stamp shop you will find a friendly welcome awaiting you from Gustamps staff who are pleased to advise and help you with all your philatelic questions and show you the Gustamps bargains on offer at Gustamps. Gustamps shop at 12 Prince Albert Street close by the Brighton lanes is also quite near Brighton's town hall and the sea front. Gustamps can be reached easily by bus or train (Brighton's main railway station is nearby). For more info about Gustamps, telephone 01273 326994. 

                                                 01273 326994


F.A.Q.'s (Frequently Asked Questions) to Gustamps 

Some questions are put to Gustamps much more frequently than others. Gustamps have listed some of these FAQs to Gustamps as they might be helpful to Gustamps customers and other stamp collectors. 

What are Gustamps' opening hours?

GUSTAMPS answer no. 1
Gustamps are usually open most days between 11am and 4pm, but you are recommended to contact Gustamps first to be sure Gustamps is open if coming to visit Gustamps specially or when making an appointment to come to Gustamps, for a Gustamps free stamp valuation or a special visit to Gustamps.

My child wants to start to collect stamps, what do Gustamps advise?

GUSTAMPS answer no. 2
Firstly Gustamps recommend that you visit Gustamps Brighton stamp shop and see what types of stamps are on offer and what stamp albums are available. If you come to Gustamps shop you will see a vast choice of stamps from different countries and subjects that you can collect. Gustamps have starter stamp packets, containing 100 different pictorial stamps priced at only £4 per packet. Gustamps sell these on special offer at the moment of three packets for £10. These are an ideal way to get started if you want to collect a particular theme or subject. Subject packets on offer at Gustamps include:

Gustamps Aircraft and Aviation

Gustamps Animals

Gustamps Butterflies and Insects

Gustamps Cats and Dogs

Gustamps Dinosaurs

Gustamps Sports

Gustamps Olympics

Gustamps Ornithology

Gustamps Music

Gustamps Royalty

Gustamps Horses

Gustamps Cars

Gustamps Football

Gustamps Transport

If you are unable to visit Gustamps shop, then why not order some of these great starter stamp packets by mail order by telephoning Gustamps on 01273 326994, for friendly advice and tips on stamp collecting from Gustamps.

I have a stamp cllection I wish to sell and need a stamp valuation from Gustamps. How much will it cost me?

GUSTAMPS answer no. 3
Gustamps stamp valuations are free of charge. Gustamps are professional valuers. Gustamps expert stamp valuers have over 40 years experience which is available to you as a free of charge service. Valuations are carefully conducted at Gustamps shop in Prince Albert Street in Brighton whilst you wait. Gustamps often back up their market valuation of your stamps with an immediate cash purchase offer. If Gustamps do not require your stamps for stock then Gustamps will advise you of the best way to sell them for the best market price.

Which type of stamps do Gustamps recommend that I collect?

GUSTAMPS answer no. 4
Gustamps say that stamp collecting should be regarded foremost as a hobby which you enjoy. Gustamps can offer lots of choices of stamps, which Gustamps suggest you can collect, whether they be foreign, British or British commonwealth or possibly a particular theme or subject you might be personally interested in. Gustamps recommend you collect what you like personally, rather than be told what to collect by someone else. It is possible to buy stamps which could be regarded as investments but you should bear in mind that investments can go down as well as up in value, also that past history is not always a guarantee of future trends. The right type of stamps might help to pay for your hobby, but Gustamps feel that first and foremost you should collect what you like purely for pleasure not just for profit. Gustamps say, "if you like it, collect it."